British Classic Car Workshop

We are best known for our expertise with MGs. This is the marque that the business owes its heritage to and has been associated with since we started in Ted’s garage at home in 1979. Now-a-days our three mechanics are all very experienced with British classic cars, whether that be MG, Triumph, Austin Healey or even a Gordon Keeble. From routine servicing to full restorations we have the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to look after your car.


In 2006 we took on the prestigious status of becoming an Xpart AutoService Centre. So, we are as close as you can get to a MG Rover main dealer, only better!

Following the demise of MG Rover and their dealership network our workshops have been busy with customers pleased to find a trustworthy garage specialising in looking after their modern MG or Rover.

A little extract from X-Part's website:

"As an MG or Rover owner, you’ve probably worried about which way to turn for your car’s servicing needs. The good news is you have arrived in the right place. X-Part’s nationwide collective of AutoService centres has a special welcome for you – an ‘MG Rover Specialist’ Unit set aside to look after MG and Rover cars of all ages. The AutoService centre network includes many of the MG Rover dealerships that formerly made up the manufacturer’s network. Now they are ready to offer the same franchise standard services to you again, except with even better value. You get the same skills, resources and trained staff as before, using factory approved techniques and genuine parts – but faster and with smaller bills."


Whilst we can undertake any type of maintenance or restoration on a classic car, here are some of the things our customers particularly value and we are rather good at.

  • Struggling for secure undercover storage?

    We would be delighted to offer a safe place for you to keep your cherished classic.

    In addition to providing a home for your vehicle, we offer a range of related services including trickle charging, vehicle exercising, tyre trainers plus much more. We can also attend to regular servicing, paintwork rectification and full detailing whilst in our care.

    The site is secure and discreet.

    Rates are dependent upon the size of the vehicle and the range of services that you require.

  • The K-Series engine can have an issue with its head gasket. Here at Beech Hill Garage every vehicle we change a cylinder head gasket on is fitted with one of our own "reconditioned" cylinder heads. Each unit is crack tested, pressure tested and face skimmed. By doing this we know we are fitting a good unit to your car. We use the latest evolution of gasket. This is a genuine MG Rover multi layered steel (MLS) gasket and stainless steel dowels. No other gasket will do.

  • An important part of owning certain models is the adjustment of the Hydrogas suspension. We have the right tools, environment and experience to make this routine.

  • If you are going to use your MGB for everyday use, for competition, or your current gearbox is giving you trouble then our Mazda gearbox conversion might be an ideal solution for you.

  • The MGC filler neck is prone to change shape over time and lead to potential coolant loss. We redesigned it and now manufacture a replacement that solves the problem and looks magnificent in your engine bay!

  • When you own a classic car knowing where to get the best spare parts is crucial. We have a dedicated Parts Manager who will track down the best quality and hardest to find part for your car, we like to call this Automotive Archaeology, if it’s available ... we will find it.

  • Classic cars are special, and we can provide MOT testing for yours.

  • Fitting the correct battery to a classic is crucial. We stock Exide Vintage 6V batteries.

  • We clean and air dry the underside of your cherished classic and treat with a choice of clear or black waxoyl.

  • If you need to store your classic car for a short period or more long term, wouldn't it be reassuring to know that it was being stored by a highly skilled professional team who love their work?

  • When your car is with us we have a wide selection of courtesy cars for you to use.

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