Ted de la Rivière worked on some interesting racing machinery in what turned out to be a career in the golden age of Grand Prix racing. He had helped out with ERA R4D at hill climbs in the 1950’s, then worked for Andre Pilette, followed by Parnell Racing, a spell tuning Minis at Downton Engineering and back to sports car racing with Jackie Epstien at Le Mans and Sebring in the late 60’s. Until, aged 34, his parents told him to “stop this nomadic life travelling the world [enjoying yourself], you need to settle down”. By June ’69 he and mum were married and Dad was working as a sales rep in the roller bearing industry but by ‘79 the urge to follow his instincts had kicked in again and with a bank loan of £500 the MG business was formed. Working from a farm building at home it wasn’t long before the business needed premises and Beech Hill Garage become home.

We've collected together a gallery of Ted's pictures from his racing days which you can see below. You can get more info by clicking on the image and you can filter them if you are looking for something specific. In addition, you might like to read some other interesting background from both Ted, and Will: