Services - K-Series Head Gasket

Typical Cost: POA

Much has been written on this subject, suffice to say the K-series engine has a problem. Loss of coolant by whatever means (whether it's a corroded radiator, coolant rails, leaking water pump or a split hose) will almost always result in overheating and failure of the cylinder head gasket. See here: Beech Hill Garage K series Head Gasket Fact Sheet

How Common

We have carried out literally hundreds of replacement cylinder head gaskets jobs for our customers.

On one hand this is unfortunate for all our customers who have had the rather inevitable experience of a HGF with their MG or Rover. On the other hand experience counts and we have never had one fail again after we've carried out this work so we must be doing something right.

How We Do It

The key to our success is the use of a tested cylinder head and the fitment of the correct gasket. Every vehicle we change a cylinder head gasket on is fitted with one of our own "reconditioned" cylinder heads. Each unit is crack tested, pressure tested and face skimmed. By doing this we know we are fitting a good unit to your car. We do so many of these we keep cylinder heads in stock. This allows us to turn your job around quickly with minimal disruption to you.

We use the latest evolution of gasket. This is a genuine MG Rover multi layered steel (MLS) gasket and stainless steel dowels. No other gasket will do.

Peace of mind

So, we know what we are doing and we are doing the job properly. A job well done means a job that will not need doing again, and in the long run that means better value for money.


Our customers come to us because we are honest and straight forward, we have been specialising in MGs for 38 years and our reputation in the MG world is one we are very proud of.

Every job we do is guaranteed for 12 months. Our guarantee covers the parts we use and our labour. No quibble.