Services - Waxoyl Treatment

Typical Cost: £300 - £400

We clean and air dry the underside of your cherished classic and treat with a choice of clear or black waxoyl. We can also drill discrete holes into box sections and inject Waxoyl to protect the hidden areas that are prone to corrosion, plugging any holes with rubber or plastic bungs. Prices vary but budget for between £300 and £400 including VAT @ 20%.

Peace of mind

So, we know what we are doing and we are doing the job properly. A job well done means a job that will not need doing again, and in the long run that means better value for money.


Our customers come to us because we are honest and straight forward, we have been specialising in MGs since 1979 years and our reputation in the MG world is one we are very proud of.

Every job we do is guaranteed for 12 months. Our guarantee covers the parts we use and our labour. No quibble.