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Will’s lockdown message 26/3/2020

Dear friends,

Following Government’s advice on Tuesday evening and the subsequent extension of MOT certification yesterday we have decided it would be best to close our doors for a short while. This will take effect from Friday 27 March at 5:30pm.
Government will review the lockdown on a monthly basis, and we will be open again as soon as possible.

Our business is very seasonal, and every year we know we will get busy as soon as the sun shines in Spring. Ironically, we have been forced to close just as the weather turned sunny, just when so many of our customers would have been pulling their treasured classic cars from hibernation and heading our way for some BHG TLC!

We didn’t want to have to make this decision, but it is for the greater good that we all must take care of each other. We have been warmed to see so much community spirit with people helping their friends and neighbours and this is what will see us through this crisis together. We’ve even had offers of customers bringing their service forward to keep us going and we must extend our gratitude to our loyal customers for their support up to now and in the future.

We are looking forward to seeing all those regular faces and their gorgeous cars once this black cloud has passed.

Our team will be back soon with renewed enthusiasm and ready to cope with the flood of cars that are just waiting to be enjoyed.

Thank you for your understanding and support from the whole team here.

Stay safe.

Will and Louise